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Feature article:

I am proud to be an Oshwal

by Rati Dodhia

Like many people of our community I knew practically nothing about our history when I was in school, college and immigrated to the United States.  When first time I read about history of Oshwal community which was in late 1970, I realized what I had missed. This not only reaffirmed the richness of our culture and traditions and but also made me more proud of being born in this noble community.  My search for more information about our origin and exemplary progress during the last 120 years resulted in my book titled: “Rise and Glory, History of Halari Visa Oshwals”.  The book is posted on our web site: www.oshwal-usa.org.

Many people will wonder why I am writing these articles about our community. The reason is I want everyone, young and old, boy or girl and man and woman out there to be proud of being born in this community as much as I am or even more.

Let me start with asking you all: Are you all proud of being an American? I am sure the answer is going to be yes and rightfully so. But have you ever asked yourself why you are proud to be an American. Again I am sure the answer is going to be because America is the richest, most powerful country with vast resources and ample opportunities for everyone to pursue ones desire to improve the quality of life.  This is very true, but what has that to do with us. What have we done to make this country being rich or powerful? Most of us have done very little or nothing but we are still part of this great country.

So just as we are proud to be an American, why not to be proud of being an Oshwal? I have come to know that many people do not care and have an attitude of, “so what is so great about being an Oshwal. What has that community done for us?”

This community has origin that goes back to Lord Mahavira’s time. It has a rich heritage. It practices one of the oldest religions of the world. It is one of the richest communities in India; it is one of the most honest communities in the world.

In the articles which will follow, I intend to write about our origin, our religion, our ancestry and our heroes of past and present to make each one of us feel proud of being an Oshwal.

Before I end this article, I have couple of questions for all.

  1. Do you know the history of your own family?

  2. Our community is made up of many sub-groups. These sub-groups are our last names or surnames. Do you know your surname? Do you know the origin of your surname?

If you do know the answer to these two questions will you please briefly write to me at this e-mail address: history@oshwal-usa.org

Upcoming events:

Northeast Spring Picnic – Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania – June 10

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Bushkill Falls

Sunday June 10,  2012

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Texas Annual Summer Picnic – May 20, Plano, TX

Please join us for our Annual picnic in Plano on May 20th.  For more information, please email oshwals_tx_ok@yahoo.com.

From the Desk of Alpa Shah, MD

Sleep Apnea

What is it?

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a sleep related breathing disorder that causes your body to stop breathing during sleep. OSA occurs when the tissue in the back of the throat collapses and blocks the airway. This keeps air from getting in to the lungs. This is a very common sleep disorder. It happens because the muscles inside the throat relax as you sleep. Gravity then causes the tongue to fall back and block the airway. Blockage of the airway can happen a few times a night or several hundred times per night.

Who gets it?

OSA can occur in men and women of any age, but it is most common in obese, middle-aged men. There is a strong relationship between weight and OSA. Your neck gets thicker as you gain weight. This increases the level of fat in the back of the throat, narrowing the airway. With more fat in the throat, your airway is more likely to be blocked.  People with OSA are often obese and have a neck size of more than 17 inches. Many people with OSA also have high blood pressure. Children with large tonsils may also have OSA. How do I know if I have it?

1. Do you experience any of these problems?

  • Unintentionally falling asleep during the day
  • General daytime sleepiness
  • Unrefreshing sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

2. Do you ever wake from sleep with a choking sound or gasping for breath?

3. Has your bed partner noticed that you snore loudly or stop breathing while you sleep?

If your answer to each of these questions is yes, then you might have obstructive sleep apnea.

Almost all people with OSA snore loudly, and about half of the people who snore loudly have OSA. Snoring is a sign that your airway is being partially blocked. While you may not think you snore, ask the person who sleeps next to you. He or she can tell how often you snore and whether or not you stop breathing. Many people with OSA are sleepy during the day. They find that they are still tired even after a nap. When you stop breathing, your body wakes up. It happens so quickly, you aren’t even aware of it. This disrupts your sleep process. You can stop breathing hundreds of times in one night. This will make you feel very tired the next day.

Do I need to see a sleep specialist?

Yes. This is a serious disorder that needs to be treated. Sleep specialists have training and expertise in this area. They will review your history and symptoms. If needed, they will schedule you for an overnight sleep study. This kind of study is called a polysomnogram. The sleep study will help them evaluate your problem. Then they can put together an individual treatment plan just for you. If you have OSA, you may be asked to return to the sleep center for a second polysomnogram. This time, you will be given continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment as you sleep. This is called a CPAP study.

How is it treated?

  1. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the treatment most often used to treat OSA. It is delivered through a mask worn over the nose or face. The air gently blows into the back of the throat. This keeps the airway open so you are able to keep breathing as you sleep. The amount of air pressure needed is different for each person. A CPAP study will show what level is right for you.
  2. Weight loss is very important as this decreases the amount of obstruction in the throat. Often a significant amount of weight loss is enough to stop the symptoms.
  3. Position therapy may work for patients with mild OSA. Staying off of the back while sleeping and raising the head of the bed may reduce symptoms.
  4. You can also sleep with an oral appliance in your mouth. This device is much like a sports mouth guard and is used to move the jaw forward. This causes the airway to stay open.
  5. Surgery is another option that may help an OSA patient. The size of the upper airway is increased to prevent collapse of the airway and make breathing easier.

Kids Corner

Word Scramble

Unscramble these medical-related word

  • merg
  • thelar
  • survi
  • burcs
  • chesa
  • lecan
  • zulnifena
  • riactbea

(answers in the next newsletter)


Chintu: I think I need an eye checkup.
Montu: Why?
Chintu: I cannot see far off things.
Montu: Oh, is it? Can you tell me what is sparkling up above there?
Chintu: Come on man, that’s the Moon.
Montu: Cool, then how much further do you wish to see?

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Thought for the day

“Rather than disliking someone who insults you, feel mercy and have pure and positive thoughts for them.”

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