The Oshwal E-Report
An Electronic Newsletter
by the Halari Visa Oshwals of America
www.oshwal-usa.org April 2014

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New Executive Committee

Smita Deepak Shah, IL

Vice President:
Bina Beed, NJ

Ketan Dedhiya, NJ

Joint Secretary:
Trupti Shah, NH

Shital Patel, NJ.

Ketan Dodhia,NJ

Nikesh Shah, CT

Satish Shah, TX

New President’s Message

Happy New Year to all! Hope all the crazy weather and winter is over soon, as we look forward to spring and new beginnings of 2014!

I would like to thank all of you for selecting me as the President of Halari Visa Oshwals of USA for calendar years 2014 and 2015. I am very grateful to all the past Committee members, Regional representatives, and all the Oshwal members here in the USA.

We had a great last year with wonderful gatherings regional as well as national. This happened because we all want to belong to our wonderful community that reminds us of our memorable roots of Halari, India to our New America and Worldwide.

I would like to encourage everyone in each State to make an effort to keep in touch with our fellow Oshwals. This will make our Halari Oshwal community stronger for our future generations to come, since home is here for all of us. This is the only way we will pass our wonderful values to our next generation. To do this we all need to contribute and participate in our small and large States, share basic common values, communicate with each other to bring a sense of belonging.

In order to do this, we need help from our past Board Members and Regional Representatives to help the Board update member information in each State and continue to organize community events, so we can all enjoy the fellowship of each other.

I am looking forward to work with the new Board 2014-2015, who are as excited as I am to make our community stronger.

I hope you all share this dream as I do and yes we all need each other for this to continue.

As it is always said “Family begins at Home“.


Smita D. Shah

Ex-President’s Message

Jai Jinendra US Oshwal members,

As an outgoing President I would like to take this time to thank few people. First of all, thank you to Chandulal L Shah, our past President for selecting me to succeed him. To be honest, I didn’t believe in myself. I am glad I was able to serve this position, which helped me explore my own potential. Secondly thanks to my family who supported me in every way at every event. My next thank you to the Executive Board – Smita Shah, Mitesh Shah, Jayantilal Galaiya, and Alpa Shah, who were by my side in every decision making and did everything they could to organize successful events during 2012-13 term.

Thank you Ketan Dodhia for all the technical side of website maintenance and developing a new FACE (Design) for our website. For all the time spent making sure all the emails went out on time before every event. Thank you to Satish Shah for maintaining all the data and updating everyone via newsletter by creating an extra page with all the updates.

California visit – Jyotsna and Sudhir Shah, thank you for organizing a meet and greet at your residence during my personal family visit. It was nice meeting everyone.

JCNJ Franklin Tonwship Dehrasar tour – Champa and Velji Bid – Thank you for giving personal tour of the facility during construction along with lunch.

Spring picnic 2012– Thank you Bhavna Shah for coordinating food, creating menu and list of items needed, Jayanti Galaiya for handling financial side of it, Shweta Jhankhariya for making signs to direct people. Thanks to everyone who helped with bringing food and other items.

Annual Gathering Fall 2012 – Thank you Jayanti Galaiya and Mitesh Shah for handling finances. Thanks to everyone who came from Northeast and worked really hard (organize games, food) to make the event successful.

Boston Visit – Anila & Magan Shah and Madhu & Hemendra Shah, Thank you for organizing for everyone to come together during my visit to Boston. Thank you all for your suggestions and input.

Spring picnic 2013 – Thanks to Manisha Shah, NY for organizing picnic in Edison, NJ and Jayanti Galaiya for handling finance and food management.

Annual Gathering Fall 2013 – As you all must remember our most memorable get-together of New Harbor, Maine. Oshwals from all over US attended this event and it was extra-ordinary treat from our own Boston Team of Paulomi & Rajesh Shah, MA and Trupti & Suresh Shah, NH. This was the most talked about event and everyone had most enjoyable trip in spite of its 8-12hr drive or in some cases 6hr flight. Special Thanks to Veni and Debbie Sumaria for providing the Conference Center for this event. Special Thanks to Jayanti Galaiya for managing the financial details with online registrations and work that involves bank transactions and making sure the numbers match. He has been working diligently for almost 40 years and providing his selfless services to our community from his heart and without any recognition expectation. We need volunteers like him who only think of community and how the community can progress.

Kush Shah, TN – Help us print and mail the two newsletters. I am very excited for the new board that will bring new ideas and new energy to the community. Please help us continue this organization and serve the community. I would like to apologize if I have missed acknowledging anyone in this note.

Micchami Dukkaddam

Bina Beed

Ex-President [2012-2013]
Halari Visa Oshwal of America [HVOA]


Message to All Regional Representatives

Thank you all for representing the States and doing an awesome job of organizing get to gathers, picnics, dinners (with dance) and the Oshwal conventions to name a few. You all are the pillars of our community in the states you represent. You all bring us together in the respective states. Through you all we get to know the happenings in the states and individuals in our community.

We would like you all to continue. If for some reason you are not able to please let us know and help us to find a representative to replace you. You would be a great resource for this as you know our community in your area the best.

Please find the list of the representatives with their details in this newsletter. Please look at it to make sure your details are correct and confirm either way. There are some states which are not represented. If you know somebody in that state please let us know or you would like to represent any of your neighboring state which does not have a representative. You may receive a call from one of the board members to confirm your representation.

We are looking forward to working with you all for the next two years. Thank you again for the work you do for our community.

Halari Visa Oshwal of America Board 2014-2015 Regional Representatives:

Alabama (AL) Veni Jivraj Shah
Arizona (AZ) Dr. Gulab K. Shah
California (Northern) (CA) Jyotsna Sudhir Shah
California (Southern) (CA) Nina A. Shah
Connecticut (CT) Nikesh K. Shah
District of Columbia (DC) Manu Gosar Shah
Florida (FL) Veni Jivraj Shah
Georgia (GA) Paresh M. Shah
Illinois (IL) Smita Dipak Shah
Iowa (IA) Kiran Keshavlal Shah
Kansas (KS) Kiran Keshavlal Shah
Kentucky (KY) Smita Dipak Shah
Maine (ME) Suresh and Trupti Shah
Maryland (MD) Manu Gosar Shah
Massachusetts (MA) Suresh and Trupti Shah
Michigan (MI) Rashmika A. Shah
Minnesota (MN) Dinesh Velji Shah
Missouri (MO) Kiran Keshavlal Shah
Montana (MT) Achal Kanti Shah
New Hampshire (NH) Suresh and Trupti Shah
New Jersey (NJ) Chandu L. Shah
New York (NY) Manisha Kantilal Shah
North Carolina (NC) Nutan Anuj Malde
Ohio (OH) Smita Dipak Shah
Oklahoma (OK) Tejal Shah
Pennsylvania (PA) Jayanti Galaiya
Rhode Island (RI) Suresh and Trupti Shah
South Carolina (SC) Nutan Anuj Malde
Texas (TX) Tejal Shah
Virginia (VA) Manu Gosar Shah
Washington (WA) Achal Kanti Shah
Wisconsin (WI) Prafuli Narendra Shah


E-mail us at board@oshwal-usa.org with your response or questions.

Halari Visa Oshwal of America Board



We plan to update the current Directory which was published in March 2011 early next year. To prepare for the update, we request all members listed in the Directory to check their information and advise us of any changes such as family members, address, e-mail address, etc. as soon as possible by completing the Directory form at the following web site: www.oshwal-usa.org

We also request members to ask their relatives or friends who are not listed but are eligible for the listing to visit the web site and complete the Directory form.  We list individuals who have a direct link with Halari Visa Oshwals of Jamnagar District or in case of a family if at least one family member has a direct link with Halari Visa Oshwals of Jamnagar District.  Your support in keeping the Directory listings up-to-date is appreciated.

Satish P. Shah
Plano, TX

Save the Date :

Northeast Spring Picnic – Sunday June 15, 2014 (Father’s Day). Rain Date Sunday June 22, 2014.  Details to follow.

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