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Save the date:

Save the Date for the Annual Northeast Gathering: Sunday November 30, 2014 from 11-4pm.

Aashirwad Palace, 169 S Salem St, Randolph, NJ 07869

Enjoy a day with food, meeting others, and activities.

Cost: adults $25.00 each, 6-12 years $15.00,  under 6 free

More details to be followed by evite

RSVP here: by Nov 16, 2014


Kids Corner

Be a Math Mind Reader –

Provide a piece of paper/calculator –

Ask a friend to choose a number between 1 and 20

Ask him/her to double the number in her head

Now ask him/her to add 6

Ask him/her to divide by 2

Have your friend subtract the original number from the new number.

Answer to the riddle  – "The number is 3!" Regardless of the number chosen the answer to this math trick is always 3.


Thought for the Day:

“Wage a war against the weaker thoughts that have crept into the palace of your mind. They will see that they are unwanted and leave like unwanted visitors.”


Chocolate cornflakes – by Sonal Ritesh Shah, NY


500g Kellogg's cornflakes

250g kerrigold salted butter

5 blocks bakers unsweetened cooking Choc

7 blocks Bakers semi sweet cooking Choc

4 full tablespoons Tate and Lyle golden syrup (be sure to get all of the tablespoon worth…)

(Original recipe calls for 360g Sainsburys Belgian dark chocolate and Anchor butter)

Melt Choc and butter in really large pot on medium heat. Do not let it boil. Once melted, turn to reallllly low heat and stir in golden syrup. Then add in cornflakes and mix really well being careful not to crush cornflakes. Stir with large metal spoon from bottom of pan to top for a few minitues in a circular motion until cornflakes mostly coated. Turn off heat and let it cool but keep turning from bottom of pan to top to keep coating the cornflakes evenly every so often (the Choc has a tendency to melt to bottom of pan). Store them in airtight tin for winter. In really hot weather probably best in fridge.

Serve with light cream or cinnamon and or vanilla ice cream. Can be used as regular cereal as tastes yummy with milk yes even 1%!

The measurements and brand names have been perfected by my mum over many years. Butter brand Kerrigold and bakers Choc measurements were what I eventually came up with after 18 months and quite a few batches of experimenting in NYC as the English brands are not available here. So change at your own risk!!! Feel free to pass it on but give my mum the credit!!!

Oshwal Youth Today and Tomorrow

Chandu Shah, TX

Irving,Dallas .u.s.a.


News of America

4 days of social gathering of Halari Visa Oshwal of North America

Venilal and Debbie Sumaria invited the Oshwals for 4 days of social gathering of Halari Visa Oshwal of North America from 29th August 2013 to 1st September 2013. It was held at Sumaria Center in Maine. Approximately 86 members were present. Trupti and Suresh, NE representatives and Paulomi and Raj of MA took on the task of organizing this event with the help of Madhuben and Hemendra, and Anilaben and Maganbhai. Hot breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack was served throughout the day. There were different activities like a morning walk, Oshwal Olympics, kite flying and of course ras garba, and workshops on “What you should take care when withdrawing money from an ATM machine”, “How you should take care of your savings, property and business when you retire” and more. Up until now members were meeting only on Thanksgiving Day. This was the first time a 4-day program was held. Babies to 75 years old enjoyed the program. Veni and Debbie Sumaria gave their facilities without any charge. Thanks Venibhai and Debbie Sumaria for your kindness towards the community.


An appreciation award to Chandulal P. Shah in New York.

National Indo American Association for Seniors of New York awarded a plaque to Chandulal P. Shah on Saturday 9th November 2013 at Kerala Centre of New York. It was awarded for his selfless service to Senior Citizen Samaj of 43 counties of Dallas, TX. It was first time a candidate was chosen from Dallas, TX. Chandulal.P.Shah was the first Oshwal to get this award. He dedicated this award to his wife, Late Sudhaben, his family, Senior Citizen Samaj and their members. Madhuben Manek Dodhia, who lives near the border of New York and New Jersey invited many Oshwals to her house in honor of Chandubhai. It was a nice meeting and many views were exchanged. Chandubhai interviewed Kanchanben Keshubhai Shah, Jayantibhai, Surbhi Shah, Dr.Champa and Velji Bid, Ilaben Anil Shah, and Keshavji and Vijya Gada. Interviews of some of these individuals will be published soon in Oshwal Samachar of Mumbai and Oshwal Youth Today and Tomorrow of Jamnagar.






Oshwal Magazines

There are 2 magazines Oshwal Youth Today and Tomorrow(Jamnagar) & Oshwal Samachar(Mumbai) that are published in India with articles and news of Oshwals locally and from Kenya and USA. Some of you might already be receiving them. If you would like to publish any articles in the magazine please contact following USA representative.


Chandu P. Shah

Irving, Dallas, TX

Phone –  (972)402-8186 / chandushah@att.net


Oshwal Youth Today and Tomorrow

For subscription:

Subscription is $20 Annual

Phone – (0288) 256-1453 / 256-0344

email – oshwalyouth@gmail.com / oshwalyouth@oshwaleducationtrust.org

Website – oshwaleducationtrust.org


Oshwal samachar

Subscription is Rs. 720 for overseas


21 Dr. Ambedkar road

Khar (west), Mumbai 400 052, India

email – oshwalsamachar@gmail.com


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Community News


Congratulations to Parin & Paula

Our heartiest congratulation to Parin Shah (son of Smita & Dipak Shah of Illinois) & Paula Johnson (Daughter of Dede & Dave Johnson of Illinois) on their wedding on May 17th 2014 at The Westin Hotel, Lombard, Illinois.

parins wedding

Our heartiest congratulation to Parin Shah ( son of Smita & Dipak Shah of Illinois) & Paula Johnson ( Daughter of Dede & Dave Johnson of Illinois) on their wedding on May 17th 2014 at The Westin Hotel , Lombard, Illinois. Read the rest of the story here-



Congratulations to Moni and Deepak


Congratulations  to Monisha and Deepak, on the recent birth of their son, Kaviraj Chand Marwah.

Congratulations to proud grandparents Ramesh and Madhu Shah.


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