Help Write Our Oshwal History

Dear fellow Halari Visa Oswals,

My name is Ratilal Dodhia. I am a physician in active practice in United States of America. I migrated to USA in 1965 from Nairobi Kenya.

It is my desire to write history of Halari Visa Oswals in English for the benefit of the younger generations of our community.

The first person to migrate outside India was Mr. Jetha Anand from Kharaberaja who settled down in Madadgascar. He opened the doors and inspired many others to leave their Motherland, India. I am interested in getting any information you may have, such as:

Stories about the village you come from.
Biographies of outstanding persons of our community from your village.
Knowledge how your last name originated.
Old pictures of villages, people, old houses, people working on farms, riding bullock carts.
Any thing you feel will be of historical interest shall be most appreciated
In addition, perhaps some young enthusiastic persons will write history of our settlement in USA in English or Gujarati.

With many thanks.

Rati Dodhia.
12 Mitris Blvd:
Lincoln RI 02865 (USA)