Jamnagar Panjarapole (Animal Shelter) looks to Oshwals for help

Fellow Oshwals,

We’ve been contacted by our Oshwals from India about helping the Shree Halari Visha Oshwal Sarvajanik Panjarapole. The Panjarapole is an animal shelter near Aradhnadham (Halartirth, Jamnagar District, Gujarat) that is run by Oshwals.

This year’s drought in Jamnagar has caused severe hardships for the local farmers. The subsequent crop failures have resulted in a shortage of fodder for the farmers’ cattle. Without food to feed cattle, farmers either release the cattle into the streets, or sell them to slaughterhouses. The Panjarapole has provided another option, by offering to take-in and feed cattle that cannot be supported by the farmers.

However, due to the severity of the drought, the Panjarapole is filled to capacity. For this reason, generous donations are being sought to help support the animal shelter and provide food for the increased number of animals being taken care of.

If you would like more information about this cause, and/or are interested in donating to support it, please contact Mukesh and Vibha Shah (of Connecticut) at: