Midwest (Illinios) Oshwal Gathering

On Dec 27th, we had hosted an Oshwal gathering for the Midwest Area, at our home. Approximately, 15 Oshwal families came from 4 states, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri.

We wanted to have a house warming celebration of our new house with our Oshwal families, and appropriately, we hosted a Kathe/Puja. Our local Maharaj was invited to perform the Kathe/Puja at 2:30pm. After one and half hour, Aarti was performed and Prasad, consisting of Shiro, dry nuts and fresh fruits were served. Between 5-6 pm, all our Oshwal families enjoyed meeting each other and catching up with conversation.

In the evening , a traditional dinner of Dosa-na-Ladu, Urad-ni-Dal, Dhokala, Kachori, Rotali, Kabuli Channa, Potato sak, rice and toovar-ni-dal, Sambharo, pickles and chutneys were served.

A very delicious dinner prepared with the help of my mother, Liluben Khimji Devraj Shah, and My wife Smita was well appreciated by all the families.

After the dinner, a big circle was formed and each person introduced themselves, talked about where they had come from, India, Kenya, Uganda, London. We learned about each other and their lives in the USA. It was a great way to celebrate our special day with all our Oshwal friends and relatives.

Requests are already made for next year, to have an Oshwal gathering in the Midwest Area. Dipak and Smita have committed to help bring our community closer and together.

We wish all our Oshwal families Happy New Year.

Dipak K Shah