Bangalore Halari Visa Oshwals plan to build a Mahajan wadi.

As many of us are aware and have used our beloved Mahajan wadi at various locations wherever Halari Visha Oshwals are settled. Bangalore is one city that has experienced explosive growth in recent years, and with the city’s growth so has the Halari population in Bangalore. For many years the Halari population in Bangalore was limited, however with explosive growth of Bangalore and Halaris in Bangalore and surrounding areas, Halari Visa Oshwal samaj of Bangalore has planned to build a Mahajan wadi with facilities similar to other cities, next to Halari dehrasar in Basheshwara nagar, central to Halari population there.

Two local families of Bangalore have pledged Rs. 25 lakhs each and they have raised some additional funds there. They have asked us to donate generously for the mahajan wadi. Bangalore is one the most visited tourist places of south. This is our chance to donate towards the Bangalore mahajan wadi and remember your donation is federal and NJ tax deductible as we are NJ non profit organization.

Please contact the board with questions.