UPDATE – Franklin Township Jain Center Tour – April 29, 2012

Franklin Township dehrasar Image of temple
Halari Visa Oshwals of America

brings you

A Tour to Jain Temple

Organized by Champa Bid
Franklin Township Jain Center
April 29, 2012
Time 10:30am-1:00pm

got_religionYou have heard the term “Born-again Christian”. However have you heard the term “Born-again Jain”? 

Many of us try to fit in and just go with the flow, avoiding unpleasant experiences with loved ones and friends, and in the process explore different religious options. Why not explore our own birth religion, the oldest in the world, which has a rich history and heritage? 

We may have been to Siddhivinayak in Mumbai, St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, Notre-Dame in Paris and Cathedrals in New York City to experience religious history, to see what it has to offer and why everyone goes there. Why not to explore our own dehrasar in Franklin Township, New Jersery, right here at home?

Some of you already know of this grand project, and for some others it will be news that you can be proud of.  HVOA wants to introduce you to this brand new facility and future Community Center, which may bring you one step closer to experiencing or entering a Spiritual Journey, despite our hectic urban lives. Below please find some of the highlights of the facility and the tour that we have organized.

We encourage you to get involved and come and enjoy the Grand Event, full of Spiritual environment and colorful cultural programs.Hope to see you all at the new deharasar in Franklin Township, New Jersey.
The Jain Center of New Jersey’s new Dehrasar project in Franklin Township  will be amongst the largest and most beautiful Jain Temple complexes in North America. The new dehrasar project, currently under construction, is located on a plot of 9.6 acres at 111 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873 (map).The construction of our Dehrasar and the Franklin Township (FT) Sankul is moving at full speed. The Pratistha (opening of Dehrasar) date s set for July 7, 2012; and the preparation for the week long Grand Ceremony is coming together with tremendous excitement. The joyous feeling of Apurva Avsar (Great opportunity) coming to our door step and a sense of elation in our members are indescribable.
Tour  Agenda:

  • 10:30 – 11a.m. – Arrival
  • 11:00 – 12:00p.m. – Guided Tour of the Facility
  • 12:00 – 1p.m. — Lunch on location

Objectives of the Tour :

  • Inform all of the Oshwals of having such grand facility in our area
  • Provide information on various ways to participate in upcoming Grand Pratistha (opening of the facility)
  • Seize the opportunity to take laabh (benefit ) in Jain rituals if desired
  • Most important of all, just to know that we have a Dehrasar for praying
The project is comprised of following major 2 buildings:

  • Bhagwan Munisuvratswami  Jinalay (Temple)
    – The first ever all-marble Jinalay in North America.  The Jinalay is designed with the architectural designs from famous Jinalays in
    India. The Jinalay will be finished with Makarana marble stone carved in authentic Jain architecture style.
  • Prayer Hall – With a total floor area of over 45,000 square feet, it stands two and half stories tall. It also includes:
    • Digambar dehrasar
    • Sthanakwasi Upashray
    • Srimad Rajchandra Dhyaan Mandir
    • Auditorium for major annual Jain events
    • Library and Pathshala Classes
    • Large Dining Facility
    • Administrative offices
Lunch will be served at completion of the tour. We recommend car pooling since no more than 15 cars will be allowed.The tour has been scheduled for Sunday April 29.  Please email president@oshwal-usa.org with any questions.