Halari Visa Oshwals of America Logo Contest

HVO of USA wants to have a logo of its own to be easily identified and recognized.  Anyone young and old can submit their work.

Logo contest details:

  • May include – HVOA (Halari Visa Oshwals of America)
  • Year of Establishment – 1986
  • Can have approximate Halar Map or any other halar symbol
  • May include American Flag or Map
  • Can create symbol which shows both nations as part of our lives

Either hard copy can be mailed to our judges Veni & Debbie Sumaria at:

Sumaria Systems, Inc.,
99 Rosewood Dr.
Danvers, MA 01923
Or a digital copy can be emailed to Veni and Debbie Sumaria.
The winning Logo will be used for our website and newsletter, and the rest of the submissions will be posted on the website. The winner will be announced in about 4 weeks after the deadline.
Please submit your entries by January 31, 2013. Please include your name and age and full mailing address on the back of the paper or in the email message.