Northeast Oshwal Fathers Day Picnic (June 15 at Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania)

It was held at Delaware Water Gap Smithfield beach area on June 15, 2014 from 9-5pm. The picnic was attended by about 37 adults and 7 children. There were signs posted to direct everyone to the location which included Oshwal Logo on it. The weather was great and everyone had a great company. The day began with Breakfast which included Bagel/Cream cheese, Jalebi Gathiya with Sambharo which Shweta specially got it made to order. After that all the youngsters played Cricket in 2 teams, some children rode bikes and played other games.

While lunch was being setup some volunteers gave a presentation on the 3 “R”s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Everyone had some ideas about how we can contribute in small way in order to reduce wastage. We are so proud that we already have been practicing some of the techniques for years now and never thought of it as us helping Mother Nature. Some of the things that were mentioned were to reduce use of plastic/paper products especially Foam Products since they never disintegrate, Plastic bags, recycle one sided printed papers, clothing recycle – donating to charity, recycle electronics wherever you can. Also we can make use of recycling plastic, paper, cans, glass where the town offers it. One volunteer even went further mentioning not to collect unnecessary items in the house. That’s one way of reducing waste. Bravo!!!! to all these tips given by our own oshwal members regarding the 3 “R”s.

Lunch was ordered from the Mexican grill “Moe’s”. Everyone enjoyed Fajita Bar with lots of choices to fill their Burrito Bowls and fresh Tortilla chips. Some of the organized games were played after lunch. And some volunteers started serving other food like water melon, corn and made chai for the evening on the grill. Children had lots of snacks like Cookies, Doritos, Ice tea, Milk while playing soccer, Frisbee and other games. The seniors were relaxing while enjoying the shade of the trees on benches, playing cards for hours and kamagra precio chatting. They had the most fun and were being served tea, corn, biscuits and water melon by the volunteers and organizers of the picnic.

While some people were helping wrap up, some people went for a walk or bike ride. Everyone helped  clean up and departed around 7 pm with snack bags which included banana, granola bar and a water bottle. Thanks to picnic volunteers and organizers – Shital Patel, Bhavna Shah, Neel Shah, Shweta Jhankhariya, Harsh Jhakhanriya. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a success. Look for pictures on the website and Facebook page.