Annual Sadharmik Kshamapana Day at Siddanchalam (Blairstown, NJ) September 24th, 10.00 am

Sadharmik Kshamapana Day at Siddhachalam (Blairstown, NJ).

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022 Time: 10.00 am to 2.30 pm.

We are planning to have a Sadharmik Kshamapana Day on Saturday 24th of September at Siddhachalam (Blairstown, NJ), starting from 10 am. At Siddhachalam, we can have lunch, and able-bodied people can hike the Shikharji trails. Siddhachalam suggests $21.00 per person donation, of course anyone can donate a higher amount without any restrictions. If you are interested, please confirm by Wednesday September 21st, 2021, so we can coordinate with Siddhachalam for lunch preparation and an approximate headcount. Also, if you would like to stay overnight, please make that arrangement directly with Siddhachalam (contact Bajarang Joshi at 908-887-1106) or any of the volunteers mentioned below.

Kindly RSVP with headcount information by getting in touch with any of the following members

Hiten Gutka – 312-208-5883                          

Jayanti Galaiya – 908-887-2905                  

 Ketan Dedhiya – 201-496-8658

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