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  • Report: HVO Northeast Spring Picnic 2012: Bushkill Falls, PA
  • Paperless communication
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  • Announcement: Annual Mahajan Gathering:- Date October 6-7th, 2012 and Location – Sidhhachalam Jain Tirth, Blairstown, NJ
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Thought for the Day – “Don’t select what is only impressive but select what is benevolent too.”


HVO Northeast Spring Picnic 2012: Bushkill Falls, PA  

 This picnic showed a record number attendance. There were 70+ Mahajans who attended from far and near. Our picnics have been more popular than annual gathering. And this time since it was at a location where there was an activity for everyone, it was a fun event that everyone enjoyed. It featured few things that were done differently than past. Everyone was involved in bringing things needed for the picnic and it made it easy for the organizers. An iternary was given a week before so people knew what to expect and directions and signs were send out couple of days ago.

The weather turned out to be beautiful and everyone enjoyed the WaterFalls in the woods. Everyone from children to adults hiked in the shaded hiking trails. The menu for the day included lots of food choices and everyone was given a snack on the go. While some grilled the corn, made the tea, some of us played games. Kids enjoyed the summer toys. I hope everyone enjoyed being there as much as we did organizing it.

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Paperless communication:

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Since our community really is a “social network” we think the website and email list will be important tools for our organization and community as we continue to grow, especially for Oshwals who have recently moved to the US and for second and third generation Oshwals born in the US.  We’d like to showcase more about what the members of our community are doing, help introduce people to each other, and initiate interesting discussions’

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  Kids Corner

Answer to the last riddle (May/June e-newsletter) – You were playing Monopoly game


  1. LTPEEMURO – means “oil from the earth”
  2. MANSLIA AND LSTAPN – Oil was formed from the remains of these that lived millions of years ago
  3. DNAS – Over millions of years, remians of these animals and plants were covered by layers of this
  4. SSEERRPU – Heat and this from these layers helped the remains turn into what we today call crude oil
  5. ENERRYFI – After crude oil is removed from the grounds, it is sent to this type of factory which turns the oil into gasoline and other useful oil-based products
  6. ORANYCS – Like bubble gum, eyeglasses and CD’s they are made partly from oil or petroleum
  7. ITLHG – Four thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese used oil to provide what we get from bulb
  8. UIADS AAAIBR – Along with Russia, the U.S., Iran and China, it is one of the top oil-producing companies in the world
  9. EROHSFFO – About one-fourth of the oil produced in the United States comes from wells located here in the Gulf of Mexico
  10. TAREW,IWDN and LRSOA – The worldwide supply of oil could run out someday. That is why we are trying to conserve the use of oil by finding alternative energy sources such as these.
(answers at end of this newsletter)


Annual Mahajan Gathering:- Date October 6-7th, 2012 and Location – Sidhhachalam Jain Tirth, Blairstown, NJ

Please mark your calendars to attend the Oshwal Annual Gathering.

Please accept this as our formal invitation for Oshwal Annual Gathering:

This year we are holding our Annual formal Get-together at Sidhhachalam on October 6-7, 2012. It will be an overnight event starting from 12 p.m.on Saturday until 4p.m. on Sunday. Sidhhachalam is a beautiful and peaceful place amidst the nature, where you can enjoy the fresh air in the morning, shikharji yatra, and hiking trails right on the premises. We can also take advantage of performing puja, darshan and bhakti-bhavna at the temple. Please visit www.sidhhachalam.org for more details.  Jayanti Galaiya (908-684-3443) is our contact person for this event, if you have any questions or suggestions.

An email will follow soon after where you can RSVP and make payments online or by check. We are planning exciting itinerary for different age groups to be active and engaged and interact with familiar and new faces.You will be able to choose your areas of interest to volunteer and get involved. Hope to see you all there.

Following is our tentative plan and itinerary for the event depending on how many people register and show interest in various activities that we are planning. Activities are subject to change if we don’t get enough participation.

12-2pm. — Arrive, Lunch and settle in cabins
2-3pm. — Relax or your choice of activity
3-6 pm. — Formal Gathering – Introduction, performances, speeches, credits,etc. Rangoli, pooja thali decoration for ladies and drawing competition for kids.
6-7 pm. — Dinner
7-7:45pm. — Bhakti-bhavna, Aarti-Mangal Divo
7-8:30pm. — Acitivtiy for kids under 6yr and their parents. Other kids games.
8-10pm. — Games and discussions – Discussions, Group games, Couple games and Board Games
10-6am. — Good night sleep
6-8 am. — Exercise classes – Professional Instructor – 1hr low and 1hr high intensity
8-9 am. —Freshen up, Pakshal, pooja, darshan at the Temple
9-10am. — Breakfast – Delicious, hot, and fresh breakfast
10-12am. — Outdoor sports, Shikharji Tour
12-2pm. — Lunch and relax
2-4pm. —  Cooking Demo, indoor games for kids , Hiking Trails

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the annual event and would like to get involved and help in any of the activities mentioned above, please contact Bina Beed at 973-489-8161 or Bhavna Shah at 973-769-1951. We need you to take charge of one of the items above and help us make this event a grand success. I am sure you all are capable of organizing one or more activities mentioned. More detailed emails will be sent subsequently to members attending.

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Answers to Kids Corner Unscramble above –

1.Petroleum 2. Animals and Plants 3. Sand 4. Pressure 5.Refinery 6. Crayons 7. Light 8. Saudi Arabia 9. Offshore 10. Water, Wind and Solar

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