Opt out of paper copies of newsletter

Halari Visa Oshwals of America is moving towards more electronic communication, to increase the speed and effectiveness of communications, while “going green” and saving paper and costs.

So, we are offering the option to “opt out” of paper copies of our newsletter, using the form below.

We still plan to keep you up to date with the latest community news, events and gatherings, and other interesting information related to our community, using our website and other electronic communication.

Since our community really is a “social network” we think the website and email list will be important tools for our organization and community as we continue to grow, especially for Oshwals who have recently moved to the US and for second and third generation Oshwals born in the US. We’d like to showcase more about what the members of our community are doing, help introduce people to each other, and initiate interesting discussions.

Follow this link and complete the form to opt-out of the paper copy of the newsletter: HVONA – Opt out of paper copies of newsletter