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Congratulations to Bena and Abhay

Bena Shah, daughter of Ila Anil Shah, married Abhay Patel, son of Dhirubhai and Ramaben Patel, on June 12th, 2004, in New York

Congratulations to Neil and Shelly Shah

Congratulations to Neil, son of Ila and the late Anil Shah of NY, on his wedding with Shelly Juneja. daughter of Satish and Chandni Juneja, of Princeton, NJ on August…

Congratulations to Hansil and Roshni

Congratulations to Hansil Shah of Plano, Texas (son of Manjulaben and Amratlal Dharamshi Shah of Nairobi) on his marriage to Roshni (daughter of Charuben and Ashwin Dharamshi Dodhia of Nairobi).

Congratulations to Nimish Vora and Mita Mehta

Congratulations to Nimish Vora, son of Jayantilal and Pragna Vora of Baroda, India on his engagement to Mita Mehta daughter of Kumudchandra and Hansaben Mehta of Rajkot, India.

Congratulations to Binit and Sulsa Shah

On July 24th, Binit Babulal Shah married Sulsa Shantilal Shah in Potters Bar, UK. Binit (resided in Woodridge, Illinios – currently resides in UK) married Sulsa from Kenton,UK with traditional…

Congratulation to Kushal Shah

Congratulation to Kushal Shah (parents: Sanjay and Asmita Shah. Columbia, SC) On his engagement to Pooja Shah. parents: Harshad and Ulka Shah of Chatanooga on April 24th 2004.

Congratulations to Rajesh Shah and Paulomi Gudka

Congratulations to Rajesh Shah, son of Hemendra and Madhu of Boston, MA, on his engagement to Paulomi Gudka, daughter of Shrikant (Dinesh) and Leela Gudka of Toronto, Canada.

Congratulations to Nina and Sachin Desai

Congratulations to Nina, daughter of Ila and the late Anil Shah (NY) on her marriage to Sachin, son of Daxasha and Narndre Desai on July 19, 2003, in Mahwah, New…