Community News Summary – Summer 2002

Recent Weddings… Congratulations to:

· Bansi (parents: Rashmi & Anajali Haria, Bombay) and Kalpesh Shah (parents Keshavji & Shantaben Nagaria, Mandha) of Arizona, on their wedding, which took place in Bombay on July 11.

Graduations… Congratulations to:

· Nina A. Shah (parents Anilkumar & Ila Shah, NY) on her graduation from Fordham University, with an MSEd in Reading and Literacy Development.

· Ketan M. Dodhia (parents Manek & Madhu Dodhia, NY) on his graduation from Cornell University, with an MS in Structural Engineering.

· Poorni Bid (parents Velji & Champa Bid, NJ) on her graduation from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, with an MBA.

· Jay Bid (parents Velji & Champa Bid, NJ) on his high school graduation from Livingston H.S. Jay will attend Williams College in Mass., beginning in the fall.

· Nisha Shah (parents Manusukh & Mina Shah, NY) on her graduation from Eldorado Elementary School, NY. Nisha will be entering Chestnut Ridge Middle School, NY, this fall.


· To Manek Dodhia and family, NY, on the passing away of his mother, Gomaben Ranmal Dodhia (Vasai, India) last February. Gomaben was 98 and left behind about 140 descendants.

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