Puriben Meghji Virji Chedda celebrates her 100th birthday

Puriben Meghji Virji Chedda recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Originally from Changa (near Jamnagar), Gujarat, India, she lived in Madagascar for a few years, returned back to Changa, and currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya. She has 5 sons, 3 daughters, and an extended family of 108, who celebrated her centennial birthday at the Oshwal Center in Nairobi. The celebration included bhavna and panchkalyan pooja at the Jain Derasar. She donated lunch for 750 children at the Jalaram Temple, and over 2000 people for her birthday at the Oshwal center. The highlight of the celebration was the memories her children and grandchildren brought by decorating the hall with all the items she used to use in her life, brass and cooper utensils, hand mill (ghanti) a water fountain (well water she fetched), all variety of goods that brought joyous memories to her and her children. This was a grand family reunion of four generations.

She is blessed with good health and climbs three staircases everyday. What an inspiration. We, the Oshwal family wish her happy centennial birthday… congratulations. I am very proud of my grandmother and feel blessed by her.