President’s message inside 2006 Directory

On behalf of Halari Visha Oshwal of North America, I extend my sincere thanks to Satish and Surya Shah of Plano, Texas for taking on one of the very important task of maintaining the database for the directory for USA. I congratulate them on the publication of the third edition of the joint USA Canada Halari Visa Oshwal directory.  I also thank all the sponsors for their contributions.  Without their support, it would not have been possible to publish the directory.

We all want to keep in touch with each other, and maintain our culture and rich heritage. Directory is one of the most important tools, among many tools we have, to fulfill our desire and goal. Many of you know I have a very special and personal attachment to the directory project.

I know many of us in North America and around the globe use the directory for various useful purposes: to find the Oshwal in the region where our child may be attending a school, to find long lost friend or relative,  and to find a suitable match, to name a few.