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This page contains information about the Halari Visa Oshwal Members Directory for USA and Canada. The first Directory was published in 1996. Jayantilal Galaiya and his wife Vijya of New Jersey spent long hours on telephone to collect information about Oshwals families living in the USA. He entered the information into a Lotus database. Manu Shah of Maryland, and Satish Shah and Rajesh Shah of Texas designed apppropriate programs to convert the database and did the final editing of the Directory. Veni Sumaria of Massachusetts was the pioneer; he started collecting and compiling information in 1980’s.

If you know of any Oshwal family (at least one member has to be of Oshwal origin) that has not been included, please ask the family to complete this form.

We request all members to keep us advised of any changes in the listing including addresses and telephone numbers. Also, to facilitate communication all those members whose e-mails addresses are not listed to provide us with their e-mail addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: The personal information in the Directory is for the sole use of the Halari Visa Oshwals and shall not be used for any commercial purposes. The e-mail addresses shall not be used for any mass mailings or chain letters. As several members have objected to having their personal data on the Internet, no part of this Directory should be scanned or published on the Internet. Privacy of each member shall be respected.

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Electronic Members Directory for 2015

It is time to update the "Halari Visa Oshwals of America and Canada" for the 5th edition. This is an extremely challenging task which requires contacting and collecting updates of…

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Directory – Oshwals of East Africa 2007

Oshwal Education and Relief Board has recently published a Directory of Halari Visa Oshwals living in East Africa. I have got a copy of it. If you are looking for…

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Oshwal Directory

The new joint U.S. and Canada Oshwal Members Directory was printed in November, 2006 to coincide with the Annual Thanksgiving Gathering of Oshwals in the North East region of the…

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President’s message inside 2006 Directory

On behalf of Halari Visha Oshwal of North America, I extend my sincere thanks to Satish and Surya Shah of Plano, Texas for taking on one of the very important…

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Acknowledge of Directory from Jamnagar

To, Smt. Manisha Kantilal Shah President Halari Visa Oshwals of America New York Dear Sister Manishaben We are very much thankful to all of yourselves & Organizations for sending us…

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Kenya – New Telephone Area Codes

Please note the new area code nos. effective 4th July 2003. 020 Nairobi 040 Diani 041 Mombasa , Kikambala 042 Malindi , Watamu , Lamu 043 Voi 044 Machakos ,…

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President’s message inside 2003 Directory

On behalf of the Executive Committee of Halari Visa Oshwals of America, I wish to thank Satish and  Surya Shah, and Mahendra Shah and  Ramnik Shah of Oakville, Ontario, Canada…

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Mailing addresses of Oshwal organizations

The following is a list of mailing addresses for various Oshwal organizations throughout the world.