Impact of Halari Visa Oshwals on JAINA

As many of you may be aware, we as Halari Visa Oshwals have been involved in JAINA for several years and we have significant impact every time we are involved. I have seen it from JAINA at Chicago to Canada to Philadelphia to Edison. We have been involved at several different levels.

Just to re-cap our involvement in JAINA at Edison.

We had Oshwals from different corners of the word at Edison JAINA. From Kenya Rangoli group, from England HVO president of UK, Ahswin Shah and Secretary, Shailesh Shah. Several guests from India, from coast to coast of Canada and all over the USA. We had a get together on Saturday afternoon in the Sheraton and created a mini Halar in Edison.

Every evening in the cultural program, Chandrakant and Ishani Shah (MA) not only co-ordinated the evening programs but also performed Hasya Chintamani, and Ahm na Odkar. Written and directed by Chandrakant Shah.

There was a fabulous display of Rangoli Samovasaran by a Rangoli group from Kenya.

Many of you may be aware JAINA does significant work in conjunction with Virayatan and the Virayatan stall was managed by Arun Shah (NY) and his family.

Swami Shrut Pragya, who has ashram in Rajkot and lots of followers of his yoga teachings and his US institutions stall was managed by Velji Bid(NJ) and his family.

Acharya Shushil Kumar co founded JAINA with Gurudev Chitrabhanu. We have two of our Oshwals are very active in his Ashram Siddhachalam in Blairstown, NJ. Tansukh Maru (NJ) is are presentative to United Nations as Non Governmental Organization from Siddhachalam and Jayanti Galaiya (NJ) has been a senior trustee of Siddhachalam for many years.

JAINA recognized few of people for doing outstanding work in various areas. One of our own Manu Shah of Hanover, MD was recognized for doing such a work in Silver Spring,MD Jain center.

Raju Shah (DC/MD) has been active in YJA for many years and Deepa Galaiya (RI/NJ) is North East regional representative of YJA. YJA is Young Jain of America is a chapter of JAINA for our youths.