Fundraising for Three Projects

On behalf of the Halari Visa Oshwals of America (HVOA), the Executive Committee is requesting donations for three places in India. A summary of funds required and purpose for each place is detailed below. Donors can select any one, two or all three places for their donations. Each need is unique and different from each other. Donations will be beneficial to all Oshwals. We request everyone to donate generously towards their selection/choice. Our association is a registered non-profit organization and therefore donations are tax-deductible.

Halari Visa Oshwal Boarding and Kanya Chhatralay, Jamnagar, Gujarat:

Our Halari Visa Oshwal Education and Relief Board (India) owns and manages several facilities. There are two facilities: Boarding for boys and Kanya Chhatralay for girls, in Jamnagar. They provide housing, lodging and some educational assistance (like college dormitories). Students are in 5th grade to 12th grade and some in college. These boys and girls come from the areas where no education facility is available. Over the years, many Oshwal students have benefited from these facilities.

These facilities have no computers or any Information Technology for students’ study or homework. There is limited access to computers in their school, mostly for higher grade students. Recently, our president, Keshav Shah, visited our Boarding for boys. He toured the facility and talked to several students and staff members. He confirmed with students that they have no computers for use in both facilities. Most of these students can not afford to buy computers for their use and they are not allowed to have personal electronics in their room by governing rules.

Each facility will need at least four sets of computers, furniture and accessories. It will provide our young students much needed access to Information Technology in the Global World. This work will need approximately Rs. 4,00,000 ($10,000) and can be completed in few months.

Oswal Yatrik Grah, Palitana, Gujarat:

Palitana is one of the most visited Jain religious places in India. Palitana is beautiful and all Jain Temples are on scenic hills. Most Oshwals visit Palitana due to its proximity to our homeland, Halar. It was always a problem for staying overnight in Palitana until Oshwal Yatrik Grah opened. It is managed by Oshwal Trustees. The Yatrik Grah was built about 34 years ago, and several facilities, such as dining room, breakfast room, Dehrasar, and Upashray, have been added since then. It has 68 rooms with attached bathroom and nine dormitories. There is a need to renovate bathrooms and to paint rooms, halls and corridors with plastic paint and doors and windows with oil paint. Somchand Pethraj Gosarani, the managing trustee, has sent an appeal to Oshwals through out the world asking for donations to renovate several facilities. Recently, Satish and Surya Shah (Texas) and Dr. Champa and Velji Bid (New Jersey) separately visited Palitana. They enjoyed their stay at Oswal Yatrik Grah and had noticed a need for renovation of the facility.

The total cost is estimated at Rs. 75,00,000 ($200,000). Trustees have decided that those who donate Rs. 11,00,000 ($28,000), Rs. 5,00,000 ($12,500) or Rs. 2.5,00,000 ($6,500) have their names displayed on 2 feet by 1 1/2 feet granite plaques in the waiting room. Takhti will have our association name along with person/family who donates over $1,000. This will give the recognition to our association.

Halari Visa Oshwals Mahajanwadi in Bangalore

Halari Visa Oshwals of Bangalore are planning to build a Mahajanwadi. Bangalore has experienced an explosive growth in recent years and with its growth, the Halari population has also increased in Bangalore and surrounding areas. We all are aware and have used our beloved Mahajanwadis at various

locations wherever Halari Visa Oshwals are settled. Halari Visa Oshwal Samaj of Bangalore wants to build a Mahajanwadi with facilities similar to other cities. It will be built next to Halari dehrasar in Basheshwaranagar which is central to Halari population there.

Two local families of Bangalore have pledged Rs. 25 lakhs each and they have raised some additional funds there. Bangalore is one the most visited tourist places of south and having a Mahajanwadi will be a plus for our community.

Donors can select any one, two or all three places for their donations. Please, donate as soon as possible but no later than October 1, 2008. Check shall be made to The Halari Visa Oshwals of America and mail it to Jay Bid, Treasurer, 3 Yale Court, Livingston, NJ 07039

If anyone has questions or need more information on donation requests, please, contact President: Keshav Shah – (845) 356 4097; Vice President: Paulomi Shah – (978) 424-1203; Treasurer: Jay Bid – (973) 632-4800; Secretary: Rashmi Shah – (201) 722-5759 or any other members of the Executive Committee.

Jai Jinendra

Executive Committee: 2008-2009

Fundraising letter for three projects (PDF)