BBC launches Jainism website


BBC Religion and Ethics launched the Jainism website on 7th December 2003 which communicates the philosophy and culture of Jain Religion. The launch of the BBCI Jainism website is a pioneering development in communicating the essence of Jain culture. The newly launched website will allow people worldwide to appreciate and understand the Jain values of ahimsa, aparigraha and annekant as a highly relevant and essential part of modern living. Mr. Alan Bookbinder, Head of BBC Religion and Ethics speaking at the launch said “I am delighted that the values of Jainism including respect, compassion, tolerance and concern for all living beings are now visible allowing audiences to appreciate Jain values in today’s world.” Dr. Atul Shah, Executive Editor of Jain Spirit speaking at the launch said “The aim of the BBCI Jainism website is not to convert people or try to be “cool” but to inform people on the values of Jainism and how it is not just an old age philosophy but a way of living which is both modern and applicable to anyone, at anytime and at any place.” The BBCI website launch also saw the UK launch of Jain Spirit’s Photo Exhibition entitled Jainism: Ancient Tradition, Modern Values. It displays images of everyday life, which capture Jain values in a modern day setting. The photo exhibition will be going on tour around the country in 2004, dates will be announced at a later date. The BBCI launch was at the Jain Samaj Community Centre in Manchester and was co-organised by Jain Spirit magazine and Young Jains of Manchester.