Board Election – Request for Nominations

Executive board members are elected biennially by the community members. We are requesting nominations for year 2010 – 2011. We are a small community spread across USA. Halari Visa Oshwals of America is making efforts to build a national network among community members. We strive for a broader participation in the election of the Executive Board. All community members should be given an opportunity to nominate Executive Board members and also to vote. We are a registered non-profit organization and we should abide by our By-Laws.

The following positions are for the Executive Board for Year 2010-2011:

President and Vice President – responsible for coordinating activities and communications among executive board and regional representatives

Secretary and Assistant Secretary – responsible for coordinating communications between executive board and all Oshwal members (e.g. meeting notes/notices, newsletters, emails, etc.)

Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer – responsible for keeping fund records/books and coordinating funds between members and activities

We request nominations for the positions listed above. Self-nomination may be made. Nomination should include name, address and position. Please submit your nomination by email (nominations AT, no later than November 22, 2009.

Executive Board

Halari Visa Oshwals of America