Meditation workshop/shibir – June 25 – Blairstown, NJ

Do you wish to learn how to meditate?

If so, here is the invitation to attend a FREE workshop on Samarpan Meditation on

Date: Saturday, 25 June 2011

Location:  Siddhachalam  65 Mud Pond Road, Blairstown, NJ 07825. (Telephone at Siddhachalam: 908-362-9793.)

Time:  5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

How to register:
By writing to or

By telephoning:
Jayanti Galaiya: 908 684 3443.
Champaben: 973 641 8702.
Chandu bhai: 973 376 2651.

Why meditate?

  • At Mental Level:  Meditation leads to freedom from mental problems like stress, fears, worries, feelings of guilt and depression. You are free from thoughts of tragic incidents of the past and future worries. You can lead a happy and peaceful life by living in the present.
  • At Physical Level : As your level of meditation improves you are completely freed from diseases and the level of immunity increases in your healthy body.
  • At Social Level : You gain satisfaction, peace and joy in your life and can work in a fully balanced state and be successful. You enjoy stability and feel a sense of completeness within yourself.
  • At Spiritual Level : Through meditation you achieve a state of thoughtlessness, experience the vibrations of your soul and gradually start getting spiritual experiences leading to self-realization through the grace of the Divine.

100 Reasons to Meditate 2011-06-25