Annual Northeast Oshwal Gathering

The Northeast annual get together was held at Mysore Woodlands restaurant, in Parsippany, New Jersey on the 24th of November (Thanksgiving Day).

It was fun filled evening with excellent food. Several fund raising items were discussed, including the computer/higher education fund for Boarding and Kanya Chhatralaya in Jamnagar and Bangalore Mahajan wadi. Everyone agreed to close both of these items as we have fundraising for them going on for few years. There were additional fund raising items: Avash Yojana for needy Oshwals in Bhiwandee for Rs. 1000,000; and Oshwal College in Bhiwandee for Rs. 500,000. Both of these are takti program, and additional information can be obtained from the board.

We also had board election/selection. We had multiple nominations for several positions; however members chose for an alternate position or withdrew their name hence there was no need to hold an election. The new board from Jan 1, 2012 to Dec 31, 2013, will be as follow:
President: Bina Jayesh Beed, NJ.
Vice President: Smita Deepak Shah, IL.
Secretary: Mitesh Jayantilal Shah, NJ.
Joint Secretary: Alpa Kiran Shah, TX.
Treasurer: Jayantilal Zaverchand Galaiya, NJ