The Evolution of Oshwal Youth Group

The Oshwals-North America Group was started a few years ago by early immigrants of the Oshwal Community to communicate and socialize with people who share a common culture, beliefs, background and heritage. It was also meant to pass on the legacy of our rich culture and heritage to future generations. Over the years, just like the daily ‘Saas-Bahu’ soap takes a generation leap, so has our group. Today the Young Adults of the group are much more dynamic, diversified and multi-cultured. At heart we still value the Indian traditions & beliefs but have also adapted ourselves to the American-style of living. Even-though we are separated by huge distances, we want to communicate, share, socialize, and network more often than before and hence the extension of the Oshwal group into HVO Youth Club.

The Objective of this group is to bring the Oshwal youth on a common platform to promote cultural and social values. The group plans to celebrate festivals like Navratri, Diwali, & Christmas together and also organize other social events like Picnic, overnight Camps, Bowling Parties, Drama & Movie nights, Garba, various Competitions, and Children’s Events.

We have already formed a small HVO Youth Group of USA on Facebook, which has been met with a lot of enthusiasm from the young members. We invite other young Oshwals to join us on Facebook – Oshwal Youth Club of USA.