Misty Melodies

Link: Misty Melodies

Misty Shah, daughter of Arun and Punita Shah, is a twelve-year-old multitalented girl who resides in Vestal, New York.

She released her first album of “Jain Devotional Songs” at the age of ten. Misty is the first person in the Oshwal community to release an album. She has given several solo performances on the East Coast.

Misty is a devoted Jain and a strict vegetarian. She is highly inspired by the humanitarian work of Veerayatan. With the blessings of Sadhviji Shree Subhamji she has decided to donate the proceeds of her album, music programs, paintings, literature and poetry awards for this great cause.

This album is for sale on her web site, www.mistymelodies.com. Please visit Misty at her web site and support the noble Mission and Vision of Veerayatan.