Volunteers Appreciation – Westgate Tragedy

To those who put their lives on t he line so others may live,
To those who rescued and t reated the suffering,
To those who cont rolled the traffic and assisted the security agencies,
To those who fed the soldiers, vict ims and the volunteers,
To those who donated generously,
To those who supported the volunteers.

Our members came out in hundreds and placed themselves to help in any way they could. It was the inner most feelings of compassion that was put into act ion. Amid the horror and confusion of the past few days, you have found it in yourselves to be incredibly strong and generous. You have held each other’s hand and extended the love to everyone. The unity and empathy shown to the affected over the last few days has been touching and exemplary.

I truly appreciate the dedication and professionalism of the brave ORC members in handling a delicate and dangerous situat ion. No one amongst us take for granted t he fact that every time you face evildoers, you put your life on the line for our sake. I pay a special t ribute to the ORC volunteers.

All the volunteers, you made us proud!

We express our heartfelt condolences to all the families, relat ives and friends who have lost dear ones. May their souls rest in eternal peace. We pray that family members get courage and strength in this t rying t ime. Those who have suffered painful bodily injury and those who suffer affl ict ions invisible to the eye, we pray for your quick and full recovery.

Rashmi B. Shah
Chairman, Shree Visa Oshwal Community – Nairobi