Walk-A-Thon/ Save Indian Farmers

walkathonHello all,

I just wanted to inform you all that my daughter Chandni Shah who is just 16 years old, a junior in Pascack Valley High School is working on a project to raise awareness for the farmer suicides in India which an  underrepresented humanitarian crisis.

As you must be already informed, a farmer in India commits suicide every 41 minutes (less than a local school period). This statistic compelled Chandni to do something for the distressed farmer and his family.

Currently, Chandni is the youngest member and the brand ambassador of the non-profit organization "Save Indian Farmers". 

She has worked on several projects along with her team and independently as well, to raise awareness regarding this under represented issue.

For many prevalent issues in the world like Domestic Violence, Hunger, Education, Orphans,Human Trafficking, etc, diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc, even animal rights, there are a multitude of NGOs worldwide.

But the poor farmer has no such agencies or NGOs to seek help living in the most rural parts of India. Seeing no way out, he ends his life for a debt that he owes which is less than a $1000 in most cases.

Is a Human's life so cheap?


What an irony, the one who toils in the scorching heat of the sun to provide fresh produce on our table has not a single morsel to provide his own family.

I hope you can support Chandni and her great cause.

Hope to see you all on September 25th at 10 a.m for a walk-a-thon at Pascack Valley High School, Hillsdale.

Please see the attached flyer below.

As the compassionate Mahavir said, "Live and Let Live"

Best Regards,

Rashmi Shah