Newsletter – June 2023

Dear Mahajans!

Happy Summer!

It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a note out to the community, but wanted to take a moment to update everyone.  We are always looking for good news / achievements to share, to include Birth and Graduation Announcements.  

Please email us at

2021-2023 Halari Visa Oshwals of America Executive Board

News from the Executive Committee:

Biennial In Person Gathering:

We are looking forward to JAINA 2023 as the next in person gathering in Lakeland Florida.  Just as we have done at the past JAINA Convention for the last 20+ years, we will have our reunion on Sunday, July 2nd from 5 PM to 6 PM in the “Lake Morton” Conference Room at the Marriott, followed by dinner in the Exhibit Hall.  To gauge the number of attendees, please fill in this simple Google Form.   In addition to reconnecting, we’ll have voting for the next EC.  If you are interested in a role in the EC, please reach out to any of the board members to discuss further.  You do NOT need to be present to run for a position on the board.  In addition, our Florida Local Rep Veni Shah will be hosting us on Monday July 3rd (about an hour’s drive from the convention), after the convention ends, to catch up.  If you are able to help plan please let us know (discussions, games, etc) via the interest form above.

Greater New Jersey Gathering:

The New Jersey Local Representative, Hiten Gutka, is planning their Annual Summer Picnic on September 10th, starting at 10 AM.  It will be at Mercer Park West, Paxson Ave, West Windsor Township, NJ 08550.  RSVP by August 18th please.

Membership Directory:

We would like to publish a new directory in the near future.  We request all members to review their entries in the last digital directory which was distributed about six years ago and if you would like to make any changes or add your entry, please go the following web site and complete the Directory form: or send an e-mail to this address:  If your son and/or daughter are in college, a separate entry for him/her can be added to the directory.  This would help Local Representatives (LRs) to invite them for local activities. Your cooperation in maintaining the directory will be highly appreciated.  

We also request all Local Representatives (LR) to review the list of members which was sent to you in October, note any changes on the Excel spreadsheet and e-mail back to the address noted above.

Young Oshwal Global Summit:

There will be a Virtual Global Summit for all Oshwals, convened by Oshwal Shikshan & Rahat Sangh (Jamnagar), where they will recognize achievement across Professional, Sports, Social, Arts and Culture domains.  If you have or know of an achievement, please let us know on, and/or the convenor on, by June 7th.  We will also share the schedule as it becomes available.

Eldoret Pratishtha:

The Visa Oshwal Community of Eldoret is having their Pratishtha and Grand Opening of their new derasar and community halls from June 9th to June 13th.  This is a huge success and our well wishes to the community.  Their program is attached, and if you are interested in supporting, please reach out directly to ChandrikaBen Mitin Shah (+254 773 473 755) or SubhashBhai Anand Gada (+254 706 544 400).



Recent Obituaries:

With sadness we share that Motichand Nathu Bhima Shah passed away on May 19th, Anila Keshavlal Vrajpar Shah passed away on May 6th, Premchand Popat Pethad passed away on April 28th, Avinash Premchand Devshi Shah passed away on April 16th, and Ratilal Dodhia passed away on April 11th.