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Unconditional Compassion

it gives us immense pleasure to announce an enormous donation of KES 600 Million (KES 60 Crore) received from Vijuben & Manubhai Khetsi Dharamshi Shah.

Threads That Tie Us: A Story of the Halari Oshwals

An eye-opening documentary about a little known culture.

Oshwal Education and Relief Board – 72nd Board Adhiveshan Speeches

Attached find Board Chairman and VOC Chairman Speech.

Exposition of Pratikramana Stotras

Translation and explanation of Pratikramana Stotras in English By Rati Dodhia Preface Jaina scriptures have prescribed six necessary duties for a Jaina householder, which are: sämäyika, chaturvimashati stava, vandanaka, Pratikramana, käyotsarga…

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BBC News – Audio slideshow: Temples in the sky

via BBC News Each year, about half a million people make a pilgrimage to 1,500 temples of the Jain religion, perched high on a hill overlooking the town of Palitana…

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Jain art exhibitions in New York museums

Peaceful Conquerers: Jain Manuscript Paintings at Metropolitan Museum of Art from 10 Sept 2009 to 21 March 2010 Victorious Ones: Jain Images of Perfection at Rubin Museum of Art…

Exposition of Pratikramana Stotra, by Rati Dodhia

[image title=”Exposition of Pratikramana Stotras” size=”full” id=”1402″ align=”left” linkto=”” ] Link to PDF of book: Exposition of Pratikramana Stotras (PDF, 1mb) Jaina scriptures have prescribed six necessary duties for a…

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JainMediaLive – World’s 1st and Only JAIN Radio Channel – JINVANI presents Jinvani, a Jain radio station that will broadcast 24×7 on the internet. Their aim is to relay various programs, including Abhishek, Pooja, Lecture (Pravachan), Bhakti, Aarti, Samayik, Pratikraman,…