Preface to the 2000 Directory

We are delighted to announce that a joint U.S.A. and Canada Oshwals Directory has been recently published and distributed to Oshwal families living in the two countries and several Oshwal institutions in Kenya, United Kingdom and India. The purpose of this Directory is to provide opportunities for our members to network with other Oshwals. Oshwals are proud of their very rich heritage and culture, and their tradition of caring and sharing. The excellent progress Oshwals are making in all fields through out the world is due to these special qualities.

The Directory updates listings of several families and adds many new families since the U.S.A. and Canada Directories were published nearly four years ago. 209 Oshwal families are listed in the U.S.A. and 107 families in the Canada sections. If you know of any Oshwal family, where at least one member is of Oshwal origin, that has not been included, please ask the family to complete the form for the USA or Canada included at the end of this Directory and send it to the address noted on the form. In a few cases, we have deleted entries for members whose addresses could not be confirmed. If you are not able to reach a member at the number published in the directory, you can verify the person’s number on the Internet by visiting several sites listed at the end of this section.

We have included e-mail addresses for those members that were available to us. Please send any missing e-mail address to us so that we can advise members of any special events and send changes to this Directory by e-mail. Also, it would be helpful if members would keep us advised of any changes in the listing including addresses and telephone numbers.

We are thankful to several Oshwal families in the U.S.A. and Canada for their technical, moral and financial support. As a result of the sponsors’ generous support we are able to provide one copy of the Directory to each listed member and new members free.

Oshwals Canada section has been compiled by Paras and Vinod Dodhia of Canada. Please send any Canadian updates to Paras Dodhia at e-mail or fax (416) 494-5859.

We have the Oshwal Directories for East Africa and the United Kingdom. Please feel free to contact us if you need address or telephone number of any Oshwal living in these countries.

The WOF Web site (USA Central) is available for posting information about Oshwals in the USA. Raju Shah of Hanover, Maryland (e-mail address: manages our postings with the WOF Webmaster. Please contact him if you need any more information or you would like to publish information that would be of interest to other Oshwals.

Paras, Chetan and Vinod Dodhia have developed and are maintaining Oshwals Canada Web site ( Please contact them if you need any more information or you would like to publish information that would be of interest to other Oshwals. The Web site is constantly evolving so please visit it often.

Finally, we would appreciate your comments and suggestions concerning the Directory. Surya and Satish Shah
4648 Hinton Drive,
Plano, Texas 75024
Telephone: (972) 618 9509

E-mail: Vinod and Paras Dodiha
2 Chapeltown Crescent
Toronto, Ontario M1W 3A7
Telephone: (416) 493-5264
Fax: (416) 494-5859

PLEASE NOTE: The personal information in the Directory is for the sole use of the Halari Visa Oshwals and shall not be used for any commercial purposes. The e-mail addresses shall not be used for any mass mailings or chain letters. As several members have objected to having their personal data on the Internet, no part of this Directory should be scanned or published on the Internet. Privacy of each member shall be respected.