Gulabchand Bharmal Shah

It is with deep regret and a sense of loss that I inform you all of the passing of my mama, Gulabchand Bharmal Shah, on 7/7/2003 at approximately 04.45am (early morning) in Nairobi, Kenya.

We were indeed glad to see Gulabmama and Kasturmami two years ago when they stopped by in Baltimore and we met again in Nashville with my Tejshikaka and Kasturkaki together with Kiran, Hasu and Suryakant.

Today, we celebrate the life of a great man. Mama led a pious life and was an inspiration to me and I was fortunate to not only call him my mama but also someone I could talk to about my hopes and aspirations. He always encouraged me to do my best. He was a community leader like my Dharamshimama and led the Temple Committee as Chairman and hosted Chitrabhanu on his many visits to Nairobi. He was a business leader with ethics that were unsurpassed by others before we even knew what ethics meant. They helped many Oshwals in early years to settle in Kenya.

He knew his time had come and was ready to meet his maker when he took his leave from this earth. He had told mami that it was time for him to leave shortly before he died. Even though this is a sad occasion for the Gulabchand Bharmal family, I would like to say that let us celebrate
his life and time on this earth. Mama led a good life, full of accomplishments and I am proud to be not only associated with him but call him my mama.

We will miss him deeply. May his soul rest in peace. Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!

Manu Shah

For those who would like to contact the family, the phone numbers are:

1-512-795-8371 – USA
011-254-20-374-2191 in Nairobi
011-44-208-909-1505 in London