60th Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs Tejshi Rajpar Shah, (Sumaria, Navagam)

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Tejshi Rajpar Shah and Mrs. Kasturben Tejshi Shah of St. Louis, Missouri, on their 60th wedding anniversary, which was celebrated on February 25th, 2006 at Day’s Inn, in Eureka ,Missouri. Over 150 guests, friends, family members from UK and all over United States attended this auspicious occasion. The wonderful couple and family members greeted everyone with smiles and hugs. It was definitely very welcoming and the snacks were delicious, everyone enjoyed them. The 60th Wedding Celebration Reception started by introducing the couple, Mr. Tejshi Rajpar Shah, known by most as Kaka, and Mrs. Kasturben Tejshi Shah known as Baa.

Hina, daughter of Sudhir and Ramila Shah, acknowledged her grandparents with a very wonderful and emotional speech. She mentioned how understanding, compassionate and loving grandparents she has. They spend quality time with all their 13 grandchildren. Arti, daughter of Sharad and Mayuri Shah, equally acknowledged her grandparents with gratitude, spoke of their family history from Kenya to USA, how they had provided a loving home and care for their children during good and not so good times. Both Hina and Arti expressed their gratitude and appreciation to BAPA and BA (as they called them) for being role models to their parents and now to them. The grandchildren truly feel very lucky and have such understanding grandparents. Some of us had a few tears of joy to hear these two young ladies speak so highly of them.

The highlight of the evening was when the couple was presented with flower garlands by their two beautiful granddaughters, Hina and Arti. After the couple exchanged the flower garlands, everyone congratulated them with a wonderful applause. It was certainly very romantic.

All of us enjoyed a wonderful reception, delicious foods (dasana ladu and urdni dal, traditional item) as well as good spirits, and a warm and sunny day in St.Louis, Missouri.

The proud couple posed for photos with family and friends, smiled all evening. Again, our heartiest congratulations to all the family members, as well as the proud couple. May God give them many more happy and healthy years ahead, it was a milestone to witness such an auspicious occasion.

From all Oshwal families, our heartiest congratulations!