Donation Appeal for Gokaldas Dayabhai Shah High School Project – Jamnagar

Please note that this charity is not sponsored by the Halari Visa Oshwals of America, and Mr. Mukundray Shah should be contacted for more information.

I am happy to provide information about the new project of GDShah High School being built at a cost of Rs. 2.5 Crore, under Hasmukhray Gokaldas Shah Memorial Trust, a public charitable trust established in 1968 in the memory of my younger brother who died in Air plane crash in 1966. Currently the school is located at Central Bank Road, Opp. Setawad, Jamnagar. But with the increase in number of students attending this school and need for up-to-date educational facilities, we have taken up the ambitious project to build a new High-School near Subhash Bridge, Jamnagar.The details of the new building project for which we are seeking donations for this public charitable project are as follows:

History: Hasmukhray Gokaldas Shah was born in Jamnagar on 10-11-1942. He was brilliant in his studies, very soft spoken, always smiling, straightforward personality and would win over everyone with his good nature. He studied at Nawanagar High-School, Jamnagar and then did his B.Sc. at D.K.V College, Jamnagar in 1964 and was accepted for his MS degree at various Universities in USA . After securing admission at one of the universities he left for USA on January 24, 1966 by Air India flight 101 via Geneva . Unfortunately the plane crashed on Mont Blanc before landing at Geneva , Switzerland . Dr.. Homi Bhabha, Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission was also travelling by the same ill fated flight. In his memory H. G. Shah Memorial Trust was set up as a public charitable trust for education and medical services as the main purposes. G D Shah High School and other educational institutions were set up under the banner of this trust and are serving Jamnagar for last 40 years.

New Project: In this fast moving 21st century, we believe even the education and education facilities/infrastructures need to keep up with it. Trustees decided to build new school, with all modern amenities to prepare the students to keep up with the challenges in this new fast world, with better education and amenities.Trust purchased 63000 Sq. Ft. of land near Subhash bridge, Jamnagar. This is an ideal and peaceful location within 2-3 kilo meters from city. The new school building will have 21 spacious, ventilated and modern class rooms, an administrative wing, play ground, gymnasium, gathering hall and an open air theatre. The new school will accommodate all the classes from present G.D. Shah School, and add new higher secondary classes of 11th and 12th as well. Present school has medium of teaching is Gujarat only for all classes. In new school The trust will start New English medium Nursery, Pre-Primary and Primary School to begin with and later on up to High School.Main objective of the trust is to give quality education at an affordable rate to children’s of poor families and therefore school fees are very inexpensive. Proposed fees will be Rs.35.00 per month for 8th standard, Rs.40.00 per month for 9th standard and Rs.45.00 per month for 10th standard. The free ship and scholarship will also be offered. We have plans to give uniforms, textbooks, schoolbags, shoes and socks to poor and needy students as per the budget plan.

At new school building we will have in total 21 rooms, big play ground, indoor gymnasium, open air theatre, and laboratory. In morning session we will be running 6 Nursery classes in English medium covering 150 students, 14 Primary classes (1st to 7th standard) in English medium covering 700 students. In evening session we will be running 4 Higher secondary (11th and 12th standard) classes in Gujarati medium covering 150 students and 11 High school classes (8th, 9th and 10th standard) covering 600 students. In all at new school building we will be providing education to 1700 students.

Donations: We would like your generous donations to help us build this school together. The trust will spend up to Rs 100,00000 ($2,22222/£1,42857), about 40% out of total budget requirement of 250,00000($5,55555/£3,57143) towards this new school project. We like your pledges and donations for the balance 60% of project cost which is 150,00000 ($3,33333/£2,14286). Donations are tax exempt for donors in India and they will receive the 80 G certificate from the trust. The trust appeals to one and all to give donation generously to complete our new project. The names of donor or their representatives will be duly exhibited in school building. Our application under the FERA act is pending for the approval by the Indian government. We will inform you when this is done. The donation if fully subscribed will cover deficit of funds to complete project as per estimates of cost. Kindly strengthen our hands by generously donating to fulfil dreams of poor and needy children.

Donation Opportunities: Big Class Room-Donation of Rs. 150,000 (US Dollars 3334 or Sterling Pounds 2143) per room, 20 Rooms are available, Other Donation Opportunities: $560 for a computer, $689 for furniture-fixtures in a big class room, $6667 for a lobby and $11,112 for open air theatre.Details of the school project and donation opportunities are displayed on

By the divine grace we are receiving positive response in our donation drive.

Donations Pledged:

  1. Rs. 33.50 Lakhs, Pankaj Jaysukhlal Mansukhlal Valji Shah, Jamnagar for School Building, Cultural Hall and Library.
  2. Rs. 30.00 Lakhs, Dhanjibhai Vishariya, London for School Land
  3. Rs. 4.50 Lakhs, In the loving memory of Mrs. Amritben Amritlal Dharamsi Chandaria for six Nursery Rooms
  4. Rs. 3.00 Lakhs, Jamnagar MLA Vasuben Trivedi for Indoor Gym
  5. Rs. 3.00 Lakhs, In the loving memory of: Kishorlal Laxmichand Shah and Kusumben Kishorlal Shah Donated by their children: Vishakhaben Harishbhai Varia, Canada, Pritiben Mukeshbhai Mehta,USA, Bhavnaben Vijaybhai Mehta, USA, Ritaben Shrikantbhai Vasa, Sangli,India, Binaben Devendrabhai Punatar, Kolhapur,India, Dr. Maheshbhai Shah, Bombay, India, Bipinbhai Shah, Rajkot, India for front lobby.
  6. Rs. 2.51 Lakhs, In the loving memory of Nalini Mukundray Shah donated by Mukundray Gokaldas Shah, Irvine, CA USA for Computer Room
  7. Rs. 2.51 Lakhs In the loving memory of their mother Nalini Mukundray Shah donated by Maluni Bijal Shah and Shital Tarang Shah, Irvine, CA USA for Laboratory
  8. Rs. 1.62 Lakhs, Hemlata Sureshkumar Sheth, London for one big class room, Furniture and Fixtures
  9. Rs. 0.75 Lakhs, Jashvantray Liladhar Shah, Jamnagar for Waiting Lounge
  10. Rs. 0.75 Lakhs, Bharatbhai Patel and Shailesh Chhapia, Jamnagar for Takhti
  11. Rs. 0.62 Lakhs, Primary School Teacher Chandravalliben, Jamnagar for Furniture and Fixtures for 2 class rooms
  12. Rs. 0.31 Lakhs, Bhogilal Patel, Baroda for Furniture and Fixtures for one class room
  13. Rs. 0.31 Lakhs, Manmohan Tamboli, Bhavnagar for Furniture and Fixtures for one class room
  14. Rs. 0.25 Lakhs, in the loving memory of his grandmother Nalini Mukundray Shah, donated by Raj Shital-Tarang Shah, Irvine, CA USA for One Computer

With kind regards,

Mukundray G. Shah
473 Stanford Court
Irvine, Ca 92612
Phone: 949-509-6716