Mrs. Liluben Khimji Devraj Shah – Chicago USA (orginally Juni Haripar,India)

Mrs. Liluben Khimji Devraj Shah peacefully passed away on April 12th, 2011, in Downers Grove (Chicago, USA). She was a wife of Late Mr. Khimji Devraj Shah orginally of Juni Haripar, Gujarat, India, then Nairobi, Kenya, London, UK, and currently Chicago, USA.

She was a mother to sons: Babu (Wembley, UK) and Dipak (Chicago, USA), and daughters Manjula Dhanani (Chicago), Ranjan Shah (Chicago) and Kaylash Shah (Birmingham, UK).

She was 90 years old, born in Juni Haripar, Saurastra, Gujarat, India. She travelled to Kenya with her husband, Mr Khimji Devraj Shah after their marriage and started a family in Kenya. She developed a love for the nation, where she lived approxmately 35yrs. She was so proud of her heritage.

She lived in London,UK,for a few years and continued developing the friendships and relationships with fellow Oshwals as well as her neighbors.

After her husband Khimjibhai passed away in 1979, she moved to Chicago with her youngest son Dipak and his wife Smita Shah. She called Chicago “home” after living in India, Kenya, and London. In Chicago her heart and strength grew with friends and family that surrounded her with love. Her favorite things to do were to cook, read, and sew, but most importantly feed people with her homemade treats, especially all her 13 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren and their friends for over 31 years.

She kept in touch with all her family and friends all over the world, always called and supported them in all times, that’s why everyone loved her smile and courage.

Fearless of her health issues, Lilaben’s spirit continued to grow stong despite her weakening kidneys and heart. She continued to receive medical treatments at home and loved her care givers.

On April 12th at 2.30am with her grandchildren and family members, she had her last breath, with a beautiful smile. We will always treasure her memories with a smile.

May God grant her eternal peace, she will be missed by all of us.

Om Shanti,Shanti,Shanti.

Memorial Service & Prayer Service was held on Thursday, April 14 2011,from 6-8pm at Modell Funeral Homes in Darien, Illinois. Funeral and Cremation Services were completed on Friday, April 15 at 11.00 am.

Prathna and Prayers to be held at Oshwal Center, Hook House, UK on monday April 25th 3-5 pm in L V Hall.

Our sincere thanks to everyone, for phone calls, emails, personal messages from all over the world:

Dipak & Smita Shah, Parin, Reena and Milan, Lemont, IL USA.
Babulal & Hansa Shah, Binit, Sulsa & Vihaan, Wembley ,UK
Manjula & Rasikant Dhanani, Samir, Amy -Bolingbrook, IL USA. daughters Nilam and Sunil Shah, New Jersey, Lynna & Ryan Connecticut USA.
Ranju & Rajnikant Shah, Shelan & Tripti, Avni, Prinal, Bolingbrook, IL USA
Kaylash & Narendra Shah, Priyan & Rozet, Khilan & Nina,Rishi Birmingham UK