Bhanuben Raj Shah (27 June 1953 – 12 February 2014)

Our deepest condolences to Bhanuben R Shah’s family.

Bhanuben Raj Shah(thumb)
Bhanu Shah, Daughter of Devkuvarben Devshi Shah & the late Devshi Raishi Shah.

Born at home in Nairobi, Kenya on the 27 June 1953.

In 1965 the family moved to India.

The second eldest of six siblings, her two sisters Champa and Hansa and three brothers Kanti, Hitesh and Rohit.

Bhanu studied at St Raphael School, Indore, India (Primary and Secondary).

She came to the UK as a teenager to explore her adventurous side – she had a keen interest in reading (Mills and Boon) and spent many evenings with her books, which eventually inspired her to travel to London.

She has always been a natural leader and the strongest and kindest member of the family. Always thinking about others before herself, she stood up for and protected her elders as well as her younger siblings.

Married Raj on 7th June 1989. They moved to Orlando, Florida in March 1991.

Witnessed the birth of her first Grandson Nevin, on 29th February 2000 and the birth of her second Grandson Rian, on 27th September 2002. She always had Phagoon, Sejal and the Grandsons in her sight, always making sure they were OK.

An inspiration to others, a creative, passionate and spiritual individual, who put a smile on everyone’s face everywhere she travelled around the

She enjoyed evening walks, travelling and spending time with her family and friends. She liked to read, cook, sing and give plenty of hugs.
The one thing she will always be remembered fondly for is her smiling face throughout all of her challenges in her life. She was considered a motherly figure to many, best friend to some and a devoted wife to an extremely lucky man, Raj.

May you rest in peace. You were an amazing Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt and Friend to Many … You
will truly be missed and will always live on, in our hearts and
memories …

“She was a very beautiful and special, special person.”

“I will miss her bright smile, welcoming hugs and her mothering offers of tea or ‘something to eat’. She has always been a warm, happy, sincere person in the midst of many who are not.”

“I only had the opportunity to meet Bhanu once. In that one experience herexceptionally giving, happy, and loving personality was so evident and has
stuck with me ever since.”

“I will always cherish Bhanu’s beautiful smile and heart.”

“What a wonderful light in my own life she leaves behind a loving legacy in you and your family. She will always be a source of inspiration for me,
always positive and extremely strong! I will always cherish your friendship and honor the time we shared with Mr. Clinton. Thank you so very much for
sharing such a personal journey with me. Hugs and kisses always.,,

“Bhanu’s warmth, and friendliness impressed us every time we met her.”

“Bhanu was such a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit.,,

“Bhanu was such a positive, happy and full of life woman. She was so generous and kind to everyone she met. She will be truly missed.,,

“My many fond memories of her twinkling beautiful eyes and great spirit will be cherished forever.,,

“Bhanu was one of the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.,,

Special thank you to all family and friends for their help and support throughout