Ajaykumar Shah

Ajaykumar Shah, age 43, passed away at his home in Toronto, Ontario
(Canada) on April 22, 2020.

He is survived by his parents Shashi and Sarla, brothers Sujay (Gina), Rajay
(Priya), and his nieces and nephews Jayen, Aryah, Dylen, Jade, and Zion.

Ajay was a passionate soul, who earnestly approached every aspect of his life
with his whole being. Whether it was spending time his brothers in every
aspect of their lives, enjoying sports with friends or cooking up a feast for his
crew, Ajay was always fully committed, excited, creative, and talented.

He brought that same passion to the family business and his quiet legacy of
encouraging people to find their strengths, work their hardest, and be fair to
one another truly made him a great leader and businessman. His kindness,
thoughtfulness and generousity was larger than life and he would do anything
for the people in his care.

Family values were at his core. He was a loving son and dedicated Kaka
(Uncle) to his nieces and nephews, whom he adored with pride and tenderness.

His untimely passing, leaves a huge void throughout his large circle of family
and friends who loved him deeply and cannot imagine a world without him.

Grieving during the era of Covid is especially difficult and Ajay would have
wanted nothing more than for us to lounge on the couch in our jogging pants,
watch “the game”, laugh and celebrate his life, together.

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. May you rest in peace.