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New Executive Board 2014-15

Nominations for Halari Visa Oshwals of America Board Elections for year 2014-15

As you all know the current board term ends on 31st December 2013, we are seeking nominations for the board elections for year 2014-15……


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Oshwal Logo Competition

HVOA_default thumbnail

It was very difficult to pick a winner for our Logo Contest, because all entrants did a great job! We had 8 total logos to review.  Thanks to contest judges Debbie and Veni Sumaria, who reviewed all entries and selected the winner, which will be used in future newsletter andwebsite design. Here is the judges’ report: WINNER:

We selected Seena Beed’s (12 years old) circular logo because we felt the followings characteristics made it the most usable…..

Click on the link to see all of the entires: https://www.oshwal-usa.org/2013/05/oshwal-logo-contest/

HVO Youth Club of USA- The Evolution

The Oshwals-North America Group was started a few years ago by early immigrants of the Oshwal Community to communicate and socialize with people who share a common culture, beliefs, background and heritage. It was also meant to pass on the legacy of our rich culture and heritage to future generations…..

Please click here to join the club and keep in touch with Oshwals on FB pagehttps://www.oshwal-usa.org/2013/04/the-evolution-of-oshwal-youth-group/

Maine Convention is a great success!

Maine 2013

Dear Fellow Halari Visa Oshwals of America,

The Maine Convention was a great success. The mission statement “Rekindle, Reconnect and Relax” was truly lived up to. 11 states were represented: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, Illinois, Washington, and California. The age group was from infants to 75 years old…….

Click on this link for more stories and impressions on the convention: https://www.oshwal-usa.org/2013/09/maine-convention-is-a-great-success/

Through the Brandenburg Gate


My name is Rupal Shah and I currently reside in Boston, MA. I am originally from Moshi, Tanzania. In Boston, I am a full time student at Boston University, School of Public Health where I’m pursuing my Master’s in Public Health Degree in International Health and Epidemiology with a focus on Infectious Diseases. Prior to enrolling in this Master’s degree program, I used to work at Harvard University, School of Public Health in their Infectious Diseases and Immunology Department in a Tuberculosis Laboratory. My long-term goals are to work in the field of Infectious Diseases with rural populations. My love for running began in 2008 when I ran my first marathon. I just completed my fourth marathon in September 2013 and am currently training to run the world-famous Boston marathon in April 2014. I wasn’t able to cross the finish line when I ran the Boston marathon this year so I hope to cross that historic finish line next year!

My Berlin Marathon – September 2013

When I ran my first marathon in October 2008, I had never imagined that running would become a part of my life. I still can’t say for sure that I like to run, but I can say, without a doubt, that I enjoy large cheering crowds, crossing finishing lines, and collecting marathon medals :)

The Berlin marathon was my first marathon overseas so I was nervous and excited at the same time. Things were pretty much on track for me–easy flight, lovely hotel, and great weather forecast for marathon day. Anyone who knows me knows that i sleep well :) Even with all the nervousness and anxiety, I slept like a baby the night before my marathon.

On September 29th 2013, as i approached the start line I realized i had forgotten my gummy worms. Although I perceived this as a sign of bad luck, I forced myself to not think much about it. I prayed as I walked to the start line. As the race began, feelings of nervousness disappeared and soon after, I was on a runner’s high because of the large cheering crowds. I felt good throughout the race. There was some leg pain, but not until mile 22. I forgot about the pain when I saw my lovely friend, Catherine, cheering for me. There were many other people with cheering signs but I can’t read German so I missed out on enjoying them! But several people encouraged me by yelling ‘Boston Strong’ as written on my shirt! Of course, i smiled at all the cameras i could see on the race course. And finally, i crossed the finish line, with my hands up in the air and a huge smile on my face at time 5:23:27. Out of all the marathons I have completed, this marathon had the best victory crossing. As I ran past the Brandenburg gate, I felt bittersweet as I realized the race was over….

Catherine met me at the family meeting area with a congratulatory sign! We celebrated happily over dinner that night. I spent the next day recovering. My recovery was so smooth that by the third day, i was out sight-seeing all over Berlin. Overall, my first trip to Europe was memorable. I made some new marathon friends who will now be reading this e-mail :) We, as runners, bonded over past and future races! Yes, there will be future races, but for now I’ll just enjoy my Berlin marathon medal!

Thanks to all of you for the love and encouraging messages! Thanks to my donors for helping me reach my fundraising target. And thanks to Team for Kids for doing such valuable work in the community! I am attaching several pictures for you, my lovely supporters, to share my experiences.

Yours in running,


Click on the link for pictures from Rupal’s marathon https://www.oshwal-usa.org/2013/10/oshwal-education-and-relief-board-oerb-reach-enewsletter-issue-1/

Oshwal Education and Relief Board (OERB) Reach eNewsletter

Oshwal Education and Relief Board  OERB  Reach eNewsletter – Issue 1   Oshwal USA.org

The Editorial Team is delighted to launch the Quarterly E-Newsletter OERB Reach and this is the first issue of its kind from the Board. We want our readers to have the latest news update from the Sub-Committees of the Board and also from you! This concept was evolved from the time we launched Issue No 16 online in January 2013

Click on the link to read the newsletter https://www.oshwal-usa.org/2013/10/oshwal-education-and-relief-board-oerb-reach-enewsletter-issue-1/

Oshwal Volunteers Appreciation – Westgate Tragedy

Note of Thanks from Chairman – Rashmi B Shah of Halari Visa Oshwal Community, Nairobi


To those who put their lives on the line so others may live,

To those who rescued and treated the suffering,

To those who controlled the traffic and assisted the security agencies,

To those who fed the soldiers, victims and the volunteers,

To those who donated generously,

To those who supported the volunteers.

Our members came out in hundreds and placed themselves to help in any way they could. It was the inner most feelings of compassion that was put into act ion. Amid the horror and confusion of the past few days, you have found it in yourselves to be incredibly strong and generous. You have held each other’s hand and extended the love to everyone. The unity and empathy shown to the affected over the last few days has been touching and exemplary.

Click here to read more: https://www.oshwal-usa.org/2013/09/volunteers-appreciation-westgate-tragedy/

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