Oshwal Logo Contest

It was very difficult to pick a winner for our Logo Contest, because all entrants did a great job! We had 8 total logos to review.  Thanks to contest judges Debbie and Veni Sumaria, who reviewed all entries and selected the winner, which will be used in future newsletter and website design. Here is the judges’ report: WINNER: We selected Seena Beed’s (12 years old) circular logo because we felt the followings characteristics made it the most usable:

Circle by Seena Beed

Circle by Seena Beed

  1. Everything is contained within the circle, so it will be versatile – it can be used for stationary, printing on tee-shirts, and as individual patches.
  2. It contains the full title, initials, and established date within the circle.
  3. It links India and America with the 2 flags.

Below are comments on the other 7 entries:

  • Trees by Dishal Shah – we likes this logo because it had a link to a family with the tree motif plus it had a very “Indian” flavor. It’s shape seemed to limit how it could be used, for example it would be too difficult to make into patches from this shape.
  • Star by Shaam Beed – The large star had a great visual impact, but with the words outside the star and with this shape, it limits reproduction opportunities.
  • Rectangle by Bina Beed – This was great shape for reproduction, but seems to USA oriented with such a strong flag background & the text seemed too small.
  • Diamond  by Dishal Shah– This was very creative and Dishal’s logic behind Indian and US Flag pattern were inventive, but the green background seemed a little overwhelming and it didn’t incorporate the HOVA initials or established date.
  • Circle by Sonya Shah – This circle was very artistic and the circle is a great choice with the 1/2 US and 1/2 Indian flag in the center. However, the full name of the organization was not included.
  • Circle with Banner by Ankita Vora – This is attractive, however we felt it was too dark
  • Circle by Ankita Vora and Amy Shah – Again, this circle seemed a little too dark and some of the text were covered by the images, so it is hard to reproduce.

Thanks for the challenge and we hope everyone enjoys our choice. It was a good exercise for the entrants, as well! Veni & Debbie Sumaria