Oshwal Directory Update

Maintained by Satish and Surya Shah, Plano, TX, satishshah5@yahoo.com

The Oshwal Directory that lists Oshwals residing in the USA and Canada was published in June 2000. At that time we had listed 209 families in the USA and 107 families in Canada. Our continuously updated database lists 234 families in the USA. We plan to publish a new directory by June 2004. In the mean time, we are providing below a short listing of new members and changes in address and telephone number of existing members. We will provide a copy of the directory to all new members free.

We request all members to advise us of changes and additions in their listing by e-mail or by completing the membership form available in the USA Central Section of the World Oshwal Federation web site at or the Halari Visa Oshwals of America site at .